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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Shade System This Winter

Here are Ozsun's five compelling reasons why you need a shade system this winter. Read our expert tips and advice here.

July 22, 2021

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Shade System This Winter

If you thought it’s been pretty cold in Sydney this Winter, you’re not wrong! According to the Bureau of Meteorology Sydney weather, night-time temperatures were around 0.5 to 1.0 °C below average in June 2021.


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These are the coolest temperatures recorded at many sites since the mid-2000s! Fighting the cold is one of the reasons why it’s a pretty logical move to install a shade system now, but it is not the only one.

Reason 1. Insulates your Home

We all know how shade systems can significantly lower cooling costs in summer. But did you know they are equally cost-effective in winter by reducing the need for additional heating? The basic working principle is that they insulate your home. Shade systems help trap inside that nice warm air from your air-conditioner and heaters and keep the cold air out, making your home even more comfortable and cozy. In summer, cooling is achieved by shading exposed areas from the heat of the sun.

Reason 2. Enhances the Appearance

You might still wonder, are retractable awnings worth it? Given their popularity, the answer is YES! Whether it’s the architecturally pleasing lines of a retractable roof system, the practical elegance of a folding arm awning, or the stylish functionality of retractable outdoor blinds, nothing can compete with the enhanced appeal created by the right shade system. They all offer the benefits of building additions at a fraction of the cost.

Reason 3. Increases the Value

Your house is probably your biggest investment. Over the past year alone, Sydney house prices have increased by 14% to 20%. Prospective buyers readily appreciate properties that offer the best indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Now is the best time to invest in shade systems, with little to no risk of over-capitalization. 

Reason 4. Increases the Living Area

Due to recent events, many of us are spending a lot more time at home. Rather than getting under one another’s feet, the right shade system can turn terraces and balconies into airy, attractive, extra rooms. They provide a pleasant place to work from home, for remote learning, or for children and pets to play, shielded from winter’s harsh elements. A pergola or gazebo can easily become a lovely outdoor room with the right shade system.

Reason 5. Improves the Liveability

Liveability or “Liveable-ness” considers the aspect of quality of life for you and your family, including your physical and mental wellbeing. Based on sustainability principles, it is sensitive to an individual’s needs, irrespective of their age. Liveability embraces life being comfortable, worth living, pleasant and endurable with happiness. Knowing what material is best for outdoor blinds will also contribute to creating the most comfortable outdoor area possible.

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