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Responsible for a shade system budget? Select The Right DESIGN FEATURES to Spend Your Client’s Money Wisely

Here are Ozsun's Advice on How to Spend Your Client’s Shade System Budget Wisely

September 06, 2021

How to Spend Your Client’s Shade System Budget Wisely

We have covered the technical features to be aware of when you are responsible for a shade system budget, however design features are just as important. Advising your client on how design, space and light can enhance the appearance and functionality of their building will help them choose the best outdoor living setting for their situation.

Identifying where to allocate your client’s budget according to their needs is what makes you an expert.

Whether you are an architect, builder, specifier, or consultant, you will inspire confidence by mastering this skill.

Winning shade system installations have several characteristics in common. While intention, effort and execution are givens, the wise choice of technical features will ultimately ensure the long term success of the project and the delight of the client. Here is what to look for to optimise a shade system budget.


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1 / Actively listen to your client to capture their vision

As you take a stroll with your client around their home and then through into the garden and backyard, make sure to actively listen. Try to gauge what’s important to them, what they are thinking, what concerns they have and even confirm their budget.

Pay particular attention to those areas little used throughout the inhospitable winter months. Help your client picture their kitchen/dining area flowing seamlessly out to a patio, or balcony transformed into an airy attractive, extra room providing a pleasant place to work from home, for remote learning or for children and pets to play.

A pergola or gazebo can easily become a lovely outdoor room, snugly protected by outdoor blinds. The usability of timber decks, barbecue and entertainment areas can readily be extended all year round.


2 / Adapt your recommendations to the use of the area

When it comes to commercial installations (hotels, clubs, restaurants, cafes, and pubs) for example, each venue provides specific areas to cater for different types of customers.

The private function room, the bistro, the family friendly restaurant, with an adjacent play area for kids, or for that romantic “table-for-two” dining experience, can all benefit from the right awning selection.

Commercial awnings are not only functional in providing protection from the weather and privacy, but they also help create an identity, a personality, and complement a décor and atmosphere. They can also enhance the appearance of a retail business, add shape and color to the façade of any building and eventually increase revenue.


3 / Discuss timeless design options

Experts have classified eight or nine significant architectural periods.

Iconic Structures and Public Buildings are protected and preserved for future generations by the National Heritage Listing. Existing architecture must be respected and very often, commercial establishments would need to abide by certain regulations when it comes to their choice in selecting a shade system to complement the local architectural style. Keping this in mind will contribute to selecting the best option for your client.



4 / Go over colour schemes to manage expectations

shade system fabric

Dickson Orchestra Acrylic Awning Fabric


Use of the right paint colour scheme is the best way to achieve design expectations. The colour of flooring, gardens, blinds and awnings should complement the overall effect.

The rules are simple :

  • lighter colours in smaller rooms make them feel larger


  • reds, browns and yellows generate a warm and snug atmosphere


  • whites and creams create a cool, fresh clean look,


  • lighter softer shades of blue and green can be like a breath of fresh air and brighten up the home



5 / Discuss the latest exterior design trends

The building, construction and related industries are not immune to change. New trends in exterior design will help your clients stand out from the crowd.

These days, they feature the increased use of artificial lawn, low maintenance and vertical & wall gardens, low energy/solar water features & lighting and multi-purpose exercise and play areas.

They also focus on sustainability, water & energy efficiency, and the need to reduce consumption.

New eco-friendly materials and automation systems are very popular, along with the trend to optimise every available square centimetre of limited space and achieve a better balance between indoor and outdoor lifestyles.


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