Retractable Roof System at Dee Why

Project brief

Create an all-weather outdoor dining area for a Café in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Dee Why.

Project specifics

This Retractable Roof System at Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches provides all weather cover over the front deck of Oliver’s Twist Cafe in Howard Street. The integrated LED lights create great ambiance at night. The integrated gutter takes the rain water run off down through the posts. The system is motorised and can be retracted by remote control.

Lets get technical!

Fabric: St Clair Lowick PVC – Sunblock White
Powder Coating: Dulux Duralloy Black Satin

Not all PVC fabrics are created equal:

Experience has shown that PVC fabrics coated by classic methods are vulnerable to micro-organism and mildew ingress when exposed to moisture. The micro-organisms penetrate the base cloth and spread themselves by capillarity. When exposed to rain, ultra-violet, pollution etc… most coated fabrics let you down aesthetically with signs of premature ageing.

SYSTEM LOWICK is both a treatment and a process considerably reducing micro-organism penetration into the heart of coated fabrics. SYSTEM LOWICK creates on a microscopic scale capillarity blockades throughout the coated fabric, halting migration.

When choosing PVC fabrics in Australia, we choose the tried and tested products for our high quality premium retractable roof systems and this is why we choose St Clair Lowick fabric, as it provides our clients peace of mind, knowing that their retractable roof system will look good for many years to come.

Fact: Did you know that retractable roof Systems can withstand strong winds of up to 117km per hour and provide complete protection from rain all year round?

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