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Ways To Update Your Curb Appeal

See how implementing smart updates to the front of your home will enable you to create a home that is as functional as it is liveable.

December 05, 2015

awningsImplementing smart updates to the front of your home will enable you to create a home that is as functional as it is liveable. These high-impact exterior updates will also add character to your home, boost curb appeal and increase your property’s value when it’s time to sell. They include:

Upgrade The Front Door

The front door is the natural focal point of your facade, and is often the site for the most dramatic changes. By investing in a new front door, or giving the existing front door a facelift, you can instantly enhance your home’s appearance and increase resale value. A custom wood door is particularly great, and it will help you make a statement whilst also enhancing your front entry.

Dress Up the Front Door

To make the point of entry pop, give your front door a facelift with a fresh coat of paint that delivers a blast of colour. Placing a wreath on your front door or beside it is another simple way to liven up your front door, and it will also enable you to personalize your entry. To freshen up your front door’s exterior surface, clean up and get rid of stains and dirty spots on your door, particularly those often found around the knob. Use a metal polish or tarnish remover to remove oxidation from the metallic door fixtures.

Replace Old Hardware

Replacing old hardware, including entry door lockset or knob, wall-mounted mailbox, house number, overhead light fixture and other elements, instantly enhances your home’s exterior, adding style and interest to your home’s curb appeal. So make sure you replace those out-of-date or dingy pieces with new ones that convey that aesthetic appeal.

Renew Paint

Old or peeling paint can convey a sense of neglect and compromise curb appeal. Periodic maintenance of the exterior surface, including painting your walls, is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your home and its curb appeal looking its best. When repainting, use fresh colours or add an accent colour to your exterior colour scheme to make a style statement and enhance your home’s exterior.

Replace Ugly Or Damaged Siding And Trim Details

Any apparent defects, such as rusting, cracked or rotting siding material and trim details, can downgrade the curb appeal and will quickly turn away potential buyers. So make sure any defects on your siding, trim details, gutter s and downspouts is adequately repaired before panting or adding colour accents.

Renew Exterior Surfaces

Power washing the exterior surfaces of your home is another easy and cost effective way to freshen up your home’s exterior. It will not only boost your home’s curb appeal by restoring its beauty, but also extend its life. So consider taking a weekend to power wash those wooden decks, concrete sidewalks as well as your aluminium, wood or vinyl siding.

Add Exterior Shutters or External Blinds

Exterior shade covers, such as shutters, blinds and awnings, add a welcoming layer of beauty and enhanced curb appeal to your home’s exterior. pivot-arm-awning-sydney-northern -beachesThese shade coverings also provide additional security and privacy whilst also helping control light and ventilation.

Add an Outdoor Living Space

Constructing an outdoor living structure gives you an opportunity to add great curb appeal while providing extra living space. A charming outdoor living area, such as a sunroom, porch, pergola, patio or deck, will also help pull buyers in when the time comes to sell.


Awnings offer one of the best ways to dress up the entry, enhancing a home’s beauty and colour while adding functionality. Awnings also provide probably the most cost-effective and flexible solution for creating a comfortable outdoor living space right in front of the entrance of your home. If you have a porch, pergola, patio or deck, consider installing a colourful retractable awning (or one that complements your house) to provide added functionality and boost curb appeal.

Upgrade Landscaping

Quality landscaping that enhances the style of your home’s exterior is essential for achieving great curb appeal. The great thing about landscaping is that it doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive; think of projects like adding a few well-chosen and nicely arranged container plants (container garden), ornamental trees, or a new planting bed.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Adding landscape lighting to highlight pathways and landscape focal point can yield dramatic effects for your property’s night-time appeal while improving safety.

Architectural Detail

Adding architectural embellishments onto the exterior of your house, such as wide moldings, window mullions, window awnings, decorative shutters or a small balcony above the front door, will greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Beautify the Driveway and Pathways

Add interest and impress your guests with beautiful, custom pathways, walkways and driveway. Repair any cracks and stains, and consider adding colours and textures of groundcovers and low-growing plants, stylish edging, colourful step tiles, yard lighting and such-like features to make your walkway or driveway stylish and functional. If you don’t have a walkway, build one. It will make your home feel warm and inviting.

Give Your Garage a Facelift

Replace your old tired door with new sectional doors, or add a pergola, new lighting or a punch of bright, bold paint to add character to your garage. Keep the interiors beautiful, too, by implementing appropriate built-in storage or cabinets, shelves, or peg boards.