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Summer Awnings Suitable For All Weather

With summer season just around the corner, it’s important to get a good awning that can protect you and your family against the weather elements.

November 26, 2017

Awnings for Sydney weather

Awnings for Sydney weather

With summer season just around the corner, it’s important to get a good awning that can protect you and your family against the weather elements. 

Our increasingly unpredictable weather means that you will need to consider awnings that cover you for all weather scenarios.

There are many styles and designs to choose from depending on your specific needs. Below are some of the best awnings for summer time and the plenty of rain that’s also expected to come with it this year:

I. Sunbox

This is a folding-arm awning manufactured by the Austrian company Haas Group. It features a contemporary design whereby the Sunbox cassette covers not just the arms and material, but also the attachment brackets are fully hidden once retracted.

Its slim-line cassette frame offers protection against the sun and rain, while also concealing your awning from view when not in use. Sunbox has a nice low profile design that lies very flat to the wall upon retraction, only 154mm depth and 220mm height. This makes it one of the most discrete cover shades available in the market.

Moreover, Sunbox is made from quality aluminum alloy casting that’s resistant to corrosion which may otherwise come due to hot and humid conditions of summer. Not to mention that the surface is also powder-coated to enhance longevity.

II. Millennium

The Millennium folding arm awning is a product of the Lewens Sonnenschutz-Systeme Company from Germany, folding-arm-awning-sydney-150x150it has very compact dimensions and is designed to snugly fit against the wall. Apart from its compact frame that cushions the sound of rain drops during a downpour, it also has a functional rim at the top corner of the cassette that prevents light rain and dew from leaving behind dust trails on the awning’s front profile. You can also clip in the cover profile to act as a seal between the millennium awning and your wall.

Additionally, there’s an extruded aluminium cover fabric that delicately conceals the fabric roll, even when your awning is open. Furthermore, the front profile has a dual hollow chamber that acts as an integral rain gutter and also provides extra rigidity. In case there’s some light rain, water will drain off from the side through hidden drain holes in the end-caps.

Millennium also has high tension triple springs that ensure the fabric is rigid at all times, it won’t fall on the arm joints even when there’s extreme summer heat outside. Similarly, the folding arms are made from tough aircraft grade cables which provide more strength and resilience to the awning.

III. Neo

Neo is a contemporary folding arm awning that combines strength, quality fabric and versatility all at once. The arms have 4 cables for enhanced support, plus there’s also an optional flexible-tilt control feature that allows you

All weather awnings for Sydney climate

All weather awnings for Sydney climate

to regulate the amount of sunlight passing through your awning, though the angle can also be adjusted using a crank handle.

This ability to manage the pitch is very useful particularly for east or west facing applications, or for low-angle summer sun in the early morning or late afternoon. Neo also has an optional extruded powder coat aluminium hood to provide protection against dust and corrosion.

In summary, there are many types of awnings available in Australia for those who want protection from the summer and its weather elements.

Nevertheless, before choosing any for your home always ensure that it’s convenient and practical.