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Styling Your Windows With Awnings

If you have bare windows, styling your windows with some well-crafted exterior awnings and/or interior awnings can beautify your home while adding a number of practical benefits.

August 21, 2015

post-buyers-guide-awnings-1If you have bare windows, styling your windows with some well-crafted exterior awnings and/or interior awnings can beautify your home while adding a number of practical benefits. On top of curb appeal (both through paintwork and flowers), window awnings, shutters or blinds can help keep your home cool and shield windows from the elements.

Installing stylish awnings can add character and charm to your home. It can also help you reduce utility bills, since awnings work to block the glare and heat from the sun. In addition, window awnings can become a protective agent keeping your interior furnishings from the harmful rays and effects of direct sunlight.

Window awnings come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to accommodate any architectural design. There are also many fabrics, designs, colours, features and options available to choose from. As a result, you’ll find it quite easy to find an awning style that fits your home decor, be it contemporary, rustic, classic, or modern minimalist style.

Here are the top window awnings styles that you might want to consider:


Traditional-style window awnings usually feature a down-slanting front panel with, or without, two side panels or ends. These awnings are available canopy Awnings - Ozsun Shade Systems – Sydney Awnings & Blinds and Patiosin a vast selection of fabrics and colours, palettes and patterns. Installing this style of awnings will allow you to update the look of home’s exterior or decor in a cost-effective way. 


Complement the beauty of your home and add a touch of classic charm with dome window awnings. These window treatments are often referred to as “circular awnings” or “half rounds”, and are characterized by quarter-sphere shape.

Elongated Dome

These window coverings are similar to the dome-shaped frames, but are specifically designed and better suited for long windows. Like dome-shaped awnings, elongated domes render a softness and friendliness to your windows which conveys an elegant welcome while making your property unique and easily identifiable.


Concave design is a popular awning style of covering windows. This awning deign is characterized by the inward curvature of the front panel, with the side panels covered with fabric for a completely shaded enclosure, or left open, leaving the front panel supported by some decorative poles. It can be a great design element that can give your home a unique look and serve a functional purpose.

Quarter Round/Convex

This style of window awnings is similar to the traditional awning with flat side panels, but is characterized by a curved front panel, designed from a series of parallel bows in the shape of a convex curve, producing a radius shape with flat ends. As with other types of window awnings, you can select from a wide variety of fabrics and colour schemes to suit your home’s architectural aesthetics and create a very appealing curb side decor.

Folding arm awnings
Although retractable awnings are mostly used over patios and decks, this awning style can be a great option for covering windows. With this type of small-prods-Folding-arm-awnings-sunmark-cassetteawning, you can extend and retract the window covering to provide shelter when necessary and allow sunlight when desired. A retractable awning can include a manually operated cranking system or an electric controlled system. For an electric controlled system, the window covering may function at the push of a button or switch, or the movement of the awning can be controlled by sun, wind and rain sensors.


Wood window awnings are becoming increasingly popular, and can be great choice if you’re looking to incorporate more natural, more organic elements into your home’s design scheme. This awning style tends to look like a pergola but functions in the same way a standard awning does – though with a little more sun. Wood window awnings are typically designed with slats, so a little extra sunlight is allowed through. If you want an awning style that allows a little bit of sunlight, then this can be a good option.

Indoor Products - Internal blinds & Shutters - Ozsun shade systemsIndoor Awnings

Interior or indoor window awnings can add a new dimension to your windows and also help with sun control. Indoor awnings visually connect windows of different shapes, sizes and styles (just like valances do), and tend to break up a boxy room, providing extra depth and angular interest. These interior window treatments are offered in a variety of fabrics, colours and designs and you can choose a pattern to match with your existing decor and one that would lend a fine accent to your building style.

Custom Awnings

Window awnings can be custom designed and manufactured to your required specifications. Whether you want the window awnings to blend with your home’s facade or become a colourful focal point, professionals can custom-build your awnings on-site, in the size and colour that best complements your home.

Blinds and Shutters

Blinds (internal & external) and shutters add a decorative and functional touch to the look of your home and solve your sun and heat control issues. These window treatments are simple yet sophisticated and add a touch of elegance to the interior or exterior of any residence. When installing these types of window coverings, you can opt to buy standard blinds, shades, or shutters or you could have them customised to reflect your style and personality.
Whether your style is sleek and contemporary, rustic and country, classic and elegant or funky and modern, experienced awning professionals can work with you to find the best window treatment solution for your windows, all within your budget.