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Retractable Awnings For All Seasons

With the autumn fiery foliage appearing, it’s time to start preparing your hospitality establishment for the months ahead with a retractable roof system or awning.

February 10, 2016


Collaroy Hotel

With the summer sun slowly fading, and the autumn fiery foliage appearing, it’s time to start preparing your hospitality establishment for the months ahead. One of the improvement projects that are best for this time of the year is installing an all weather awning to make use of your building’s outdoor space.

With Australia’s autumn fast approaching, operating an all season retractable roof system can be a great investment for a cafe, restaurant, pub, hotel, golf course or other business in the hospitality space. Al fresco dining and the outdoor dining and drinking spaces are extremely popular among Australians. But as the weather turns colder and the evenings become longer and darker, it’s only natural to spend our autumn evenings in warm, comfy and bright areas. Most restaurant and pub patrons start spending more time indoors during this time – but it needn’t be this way.
As autumn and the wet season approach and temperatures decline, there is no reason not to make the most of your cafe or restaurant’s outdoor space this autumn. Fitting an all weather retractable awning can transform your hospitality establishment’s outdoor space into a warm, comfy retreat that will be a great relaxing place for your patrons. Here are some of the ways an all seasons retractable roof systems can be of benefit to your business.

The Benefits Of All Weather Retractable Roof Systems For Businesses

1.  Create Ambience or Atmosphere Desired To Attract Customers

Fitting all weather retractable roof system over the outside area of a restaurant or cafe creates a nice ambiance that is relaxing and inviting. These Oztech retractable roof awning - Ozsun Shade Systems – Sydney Awnings Pergolas and Patiossystems often come with LED lighting integrated into the retractable shade cover, providing a great alfresco atmosphere along with navigation for patrons wondering around your establishment. The elegant retractable roof lights will illuminate the outside of your hospitality business, whilst the shade cover will keep your patrons warm and comfortable during the cold, dark autumn evenings.

Creating an ambience is an essential component for any successful hospitality space whether that’s a restaurant, cafe, or pub. Fitting an all weather retractable awning outside of your business is a great way to add warmth and movement to your outside seating area, whilst a couple of lighting fixtures and the awning’s embedded lighting add instant style and warmth to your outside dining space. By installing an all weather retractable roof system, you can create the kind of atmosphere that draws customers in and keeps them coming back.

2.  Outdoor Seating Area Shaded from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

Ensuring patrons remain warm and comfortable in your business’s outdoor seating is crucial when trying to improve your hospitality space and get it ready for autumn and winter. This can be easily achieved by installing an all weather retractable roof to cover the outdoor serving areas. With this type of commercial awning, your customers will be able to enjoy your restaurant or cafe’s outdoor seating area during every season. Your customers will love sitting outside in the comfortable and warm space created by the shade cover while precipitation is falling a few feet away from the table. They also get an opportunity to enjoy the view from the al fresco drinking and dining area, while relaxing with friends or family.

This unique experience is sure to draw crowds of new patrons as well as “regulars”. Your customers will also be greeted with a shady dining experience in the height of the Australia’s dry season when the sun can be scorching hot. The all weather awning fixture will let your customers wine and dine in peace and stay longer to enjoy a refreshing beverage and good conversations.


If your restaurant or cafe doesn’t have an outdoor dining area, now is a good time to consider adding one. Your outdoor space may not be very large, but it can be functional. Using small-scale furniture makes even a small space appear larger because there is room to walk around. In fact, several cafe tables and chairs may be enough to create a perfect sitting area for your customers to enjoy a morning cup of coffee and read the newspaper. Then, you can add a retractable all weather awning to provide protection against the elements. Such a simple outdoor serving area could greatly increase your revenue and attract customers, and might be all you need to take your business to the next level.

In effect fitting an all weather retractable roof system or awning can offer you an additional room to your business premises. Not only that, but this option is considerably cheaper than adding a conservatory or another permanent construction to the building. It is quick, easy and cost-effective to install an awning and will not involve the inconvenience of several days or weeks of building work.

4.  Allows Your Business to Stand Outcanopy Awnings - Ozsun Shade Systems – Sydney Awnings & Blinds and Patios

Fitting a stylish all weather retractable awning onto your business premises will not only add a comfy outdoor serving area, but it can also provide an element of appeal. With a stylish all season retractable roof system covering your restaurant’s patio, many passersby will be enticed into coming to see what your business serves. The opportunity to advertise your hospitality space is almost limitless. Your business’s patio area and the retractable roof can be custom designed to imitate the interior space characteristics in order to maintain a consistent brand, style and ambience. Many of the retractable roof solutions come in a wide selection of styles and designs, and you can always find one that matches the high-end look and feel of your establishment.