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Questions to Ask Your Awning Supplier

Are you looking for new awnings for your home or business? Do you want to replace your old beat-up awnings and accessories? Choosing the right supplier is essential.

November 29, 2016

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Are you looking for new awnings for your home or business? Do you want to replace your old beat-up awnings and accessories? Has your residential or commercial awning been damaged in a storm?

All of these jobs are best handled by a reputable and experienced awning supplier who is reliable and professional. But how do you know who to choose? To make sure you get quality awnings that will be installed just right, we recommend asking the following questions to any awning service provider you’re looking to hire.

How To Choose A Reputable Awning Supplier: Questions To Ask Suppliers

What kind of awning company are you – awning manufacturers or awning installers or both?

Some large awning companies specialise in manufacturing awnings and have a network of installers; while others are just installers. But there are also companies that do both – supplies and installs. Hiring a company that provides both services can help you save money and time, since you won’t have to install the awning yourself or hire an installer handyman. But if (depending on your needs) you have to buy awnings from a company that does not provide installation or from one that subcontracts this job, then you have to consider how this will affect your project’s schedule and budget.

How long have you been in business?

Choose a company that boasts solid reputation built on providing quality awnings for years. A good supplier should be committed to providing customers like you the best service and awnings that offer durability and diverse shading properties.

Can you provide advice on the best awning for my home, and if so, will you charge a consultation fee?

Different awning styles have different design and performance characteristics, and choosing the right awning for

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your property can mean all the difference in ensuring you realise maximum benefits from your new installation. A good supplier should be able to give you free advice and help you choose the best.

Do you have in-house designers for custom awning?

If you’re looking for custom awnings for your property, then you need to find a supplier who has designers on staff. These designers should be able to come to your property, evaluate your needs and the architecture of your home or business, and then come up with awning design that complements your personality and style.

Are you licensed and insured to install my awnings?

It is important to make sure your awning supplier is licensed by local authorities to install awnings. This will give peace of mind in knowing that the job will be carried out by certified installers who understand the proper techniques and guidelines on carrying out awning installation. It is also important to ensure that your awning supplier carries proper insurance and will assume any liability that may arise in the event that an accident occurs during the installation process.

Can you provide specific details about my awning installation, including: what is the preparation needed; how long it will take to complete; and how will you ensure that the job is done just right?

Having a clear understanding of what to expect during awning installation can reduce or eliminate any unnecessary confusion, tension, and unexpected charges when the project is complete. This will require you to ask questions about your prospective supplier’s process and expectations upfront. For instance, if you’re replacing old awnings, you need to know who is responsible for disposing the old awning and fixtures. Is it you or the contractor? Are there additional charges for preparing the area where the awning will be installed? Will the supplier cut into the walls or interfere with windows or doors over which the awnings need to be fitted? All these – and more – are things you should know about.

Can you provide any additional awning accessories and hardware needed?

To save time and money on your project, look for a supplier who can provide all parts and accessories needed for the installation.

What is your workmanship warranty?

Make sure you understand the differences between the awning’s manufacturer warranty and your installer’s warranty. This will allow you to know who is responsible for correcting any problem that might occur down the road. If your supplier is both the manufacturer and installer, they should provide you with a warranty on the awning itself and another warranty on their installation.

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Can you provide a detailed price quote?

A good awning supplier should provide you with a clear itemised quote for the job. This way, you’ll be able to understand exactly what you’re paying for. The quote should provide details and charges for things like: awning price, permits, labour, plumbing, design, electrical work, framing and finishing carpentry, lighting fixtures, and so on.

Can you provide references and/or testimonials from previous customers – both satisfied and unsatisfied?

Often, the best measurement of how well an awning supplier performs can be deciphered by evaluating how well or poorly they executed previous projects. So, ask for references and make sure you contact them. Ask them why they are satisfied or unsatisfied with the installer’s work.

If you get the right answers from a supplier who is happy and more than willing to answer your questions, then you know you’ve found an awning provider who can do the job right.