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Motorised Awnings

Awnings that use a motor to extend the shade cover are referred to as motorised awnings. They provide one of the best accessories for providing shade onto your outdoor space.

September 21, 2016

Sydney AwningsMotorisation in awnings involves the use of a motor to operate the shade covering. Awnings that use a motor to wind or extend the shade cover are referred to as motorised awnings. They provide one of the best accessories for providing shade onto your outdoor space. This article offers an overview of the motorised awnings and their benefits.

Motorised Awnings – How They Work

Unlike manual awnings, motorised awnings basically feature a motor that is used to extend or retract the awning material. This motor may be powered by mains power or a built-in battery. It is usually hidden within the system box or cassette, which protects it against the weather influences whilst enhancing its overall look.

Battery-powered motorised awnings are the easiest to install, and provide the best option for far away windows or spaces that are hard-to-reach as they don’t require a power outlet. Mains-operated motorised awnings, on the other hand, plug into an outlet and often require an electrician to do the installation.

Some motorised awnings feature a motor that is powered by solar while others are operated via a DC power adaptor. Many modern motorised awnings also feature an automation system in which a sensor is added to make the motorised awning automatically extend or retract depending on the weather conditions. These automated motorised shade coverings can detect rain, wind and sun, and will extend or retract automatically unattended.

What’s more, some motorised retractable awning systems may come with added features like integrated lighting, heating and remote controls that allow you to operate the shade system with just the click of a button. Whatever you choose, you’re going to find that motorisation in awnings and other shade systems offers many advantages that can potentially transform your living space or outdoor area.

Motorised Awnings – What You Need To Know

Motorised awnings, blinds and retractable roof systems offer a great shading option for both commercial and residential settings. They are popular with both homeowners and businesses. Many homeowners use these shade systems to shield their patios, decks or window areas from the sun’s glare, excess heat, wind and rain, providing a perfect environment for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. Retail businesses, particularly those in the hospitality industry, use these motorised awning systems to provide shade for their outdoor seating areas/Al fresco dining areas and shopfronts as well as to shield shop windows from the bleaching effects of sunlight on the indoors.

These awnings come in a wide variety of different specifications, sizes, styles, colours, patterns, textures, designs, and options – making it easy to find one that best complements your residential house or business space. There also customised options that are specifically designed to match your needs.

Motorisation In Awnings – Advantages

Motorised awnings don’t just provide the typical benefits of awnings – glare reduction, privacy, energy savings, furniture protection, elegance, improved curb appeal, and so on; but they offer way more…

The main advantage of motorised awnings is optimal convenience or ease of use. With just the push of a bSydney Awningsutton, you can control your awning(s) from the comfort of your chair. This saves you time and energy, enhancing your quality of life.

Motorisation in awnings also eliminates the need for cords to manually operate the shade cover. Cords can be dangerous, especially when found in homes where there are young children. Many accidents involving children being injured or killed by cord strangulation have occurred, and awning cords can be a serious hazard. Motorisation eliminates cords, creating a safe and comfortable environment for children.

Another advantage is minimal maintenance required by motorised awnings with advanced technologies like sun and wind control or timers and sensors. These awnings will retract when extreme weather conditions are detected. This not only protects your awning system from damage, but also prevents it from being exposed to the elements – which, in turn, means less maintenance and need for repairs.