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Install Awnings to Cool Your Home in the Summer Heat

Many are usually forced to spend more on electricity bills in order to keep their homes cool, however these bills can be reduced by installing awnings.

October 13, 2017

During summer months, many homeowners are usually forced to spend more on electricity bills in order to keep their homes cool.

However that can be a thing of the past when you install awnings.

An awning can help regulate the amount of solar energy that reaches the facade of your house especially parts that are made of glass. External shade brought by awnings can block up to 80% of direct heat on windows resulting go immediate reduction of heat transfer.

A report released by the U.S department of energy revealed that awnings can lower heat gain by as much as 65% on windows with southern exposure and up to 77% on windows with western exposure. This means that awnings can actually help up to lower 26% of your energy bill during hot summer months. In addition to being a fashion statement, awnings can help block heat and direct sunlight thus lowering your cooling energy needs significantly.

louvre roof 04If you want to have a good time outside on your backyard patio with friends during hot summer months, awnings will help protect you and your friends from scorching sun heat.

Awnings not only offer beauty to a patio or deck but also helps to keep your house cool without the need to use air conditioning unit. They help to lower your electricity bills by decreasing the amount of heat that infiltrates inside your home by up to 77%. This is very important because it help to protect your interior furniture from being bleached by the sun’s rays. It also helps to reduce suns glare via the windows by up to 94%.

According to the Professional Awning Manufacture Association, many individuals are actually not aware that majority of cooling energy in homes is lost via the windows or the glass doors. Awnings are recommended because they provide a more effective way of preventing heat gain via the windows and glass doors. This not only help to keep your house cool during summer months but it also helps to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas.

Types of awnings that can install to cool your home this summer

Awning are available in plenty of styles and shapes. Below are types of awning that you can install to keep your home cool this summer.

Patio awnings are very popular during summer month because of their ability to keep the outdoor cool. Being able to relax outdoors without worrying that you will get sunburn is crucial to enjoying sunshine during summer months. Patio awnings will not only protect you from the scotching hot summer sun but will also help to protect your patio furniture from direct sunlight and rain. By installing patio awnings, you will greatly save yourself

louvered-roof - Ozsun Shade Systems Sydney

Louvered Roof

from the hustle of taking the chair and tables inside every time there is a heavy downpour.

Fixed awnings are usually installed over windows and they not only help to add style but they also help to cool the house significantly by reducing direct sunlight . Sun’s heat can be a pain during summer months. If it finds its way into the living room or bedroom it can prevent you from sitting or sleeping at your favorite seat or position. Although some will say that blinds can help cut out sunlight, it will not be as effective as awnings. Awnings not only helps to cool your house during summer months, it also helps to maintain natural light.

  • Portable awning

These are awnings that can be moved from one place to another. They are just like large umbrellas and they come in handy for people who are looking for temporary source of shade during hot summer months. Although they are portable, they can help to protect you and your family from direct sunlight during summer months when you have having an outdoor events such as garden party.

There are some instances where you will not need to have your awning on display. If you are worried that your awning can get damaged, retractable awnings actually give you the opportunity to remove it and keep it in a safe place until when you need it. Instead of taking them down, retractable awning actually allows you to fold it safely and store it in a safe place. The ease at which you can fold or extend retractable awnings makes them convenient for patios.

Why choose awnings to cool your home this summer?

  • Reduction in energy bills

external-blinds-external-venetiansWhen you install awnings to shade your windows or patios, you will instantly save the money used to pay energy bills. Most people spend a lot of money running air conditioning unit in order to keep their homes cool during summer months. Installing awnings will help protect your home from direct sunlight and heat buildup, a factor that will help reduce your energy bills.

  • They are durable

Most awnings are made from high quality fabrics. Most of them are usually treated with waterproof and stain and soil resistant finishes. On the other hand, their frame are made with aluminum or galvanized steel. As a results, awning are durable and can last for years if well taken care of.

  • Available in different types

Awnings are available in different types including fixed, portable and retractable designs. This means that you have the chance to choose the type that suits your individual needs. For instance, if you only need the awning during summer months, you can install the retractable design which you can easily fold during winter.

  • louvre roof with external blinds

One thing that we can all agree is that awnings are aesthetically pleasing. In addition to cooling your home from hot summer heat, they also help to complement the overall look of your house. They are available in many styles and colors meaning that as a homeowner, you have the chance to choose among an array of fashionable fabrics and trendy colorations.

In conclusion, if you want to cut down your energy costs this coming summer, then awnings is one of the best choice for you. In addition to beautifying your home’s exterior, awnings will beat the heat, cooling your house in summer months at a lower cost.