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Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings are a great way to add a decorator’s touch to your home or business premises while protecting your windows, doors, entryways, patios, veranda and other areas of your property.

May 18, 2016

Fixed awnings are a great way to add a decorator’s touch to your home or business premises while protecting your windows, doors, entryways, patios, veranda and other areas of your property. These shade structures are usually custom-made to size on-site and are available in a wide range of materials and colours, allowing you to get an awning that fully meets your functional needs and style preferences.

They often feature an understructure of long-lasting metal and are covered in a variety of extremely durable fabrics or polycarbonate material. Because of this, you will find that your new awning will give you many years of satisfactory service.

Benefits of Fixed Awnings and Canopy Awnings

– All-year round sun and weather protection: Fixed awnings typically come with a rigid frame or a sturdy metal understructure. As a result, these shade structures are more robust compared to retractable varieties and will cope with even the harshest of weather conditions.

Reduced cooling costs and energy consumption: Fixed awnings over your windows, doors, entryways and patios will keep temperatures cooler inside of your property. This means your air conditioning units won’t have to work as hard; and you can save money not only on energy bills but also on AC repairs and parts for service.

– Added cool functionality for your residential or commercial property: Fixed awnings and canopy awnings create attractive, comfortable and welcoming outdoor areas for people and families to gather, protected from the sun and rain. With a quality fixed awning, you’ll have a sheltered place for you, your family and friends to relax and enjoy, shielded from direct sun and showers.

– Enhanced curb appeal: Fixed awnings can greatly enhance the appearance of a home or commercial building. These shade solutions will convey an Sydney Awningunmistakable look of quality and pretty curb appeal, which is very important when it comes to making a great first impression. With a good fixed awning, everyone – including potential homebuyers – will want to see what’s inside.

They typically come in an extensive range of styles, designs and colour schemes to suit any decorator’s palette. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, you can always get a fixed awning to complement your decor, home or commercial building.

– Offers great value: Fixed awnings are extremely durable and will not only last for years, but also continue to maintain its good looks. These shade structures are also more economical to build and maintain than comparable masonry and wood structures.

– Increases the value of your property: Fixed awnings can increase your property’s overall value. Installing a fixed awning will give your house a distinct and unique look, allowing it to stand out from the crowd. It will also add a welcoming layer of beauty and curb appeal to help make that desirable first impression and attract potential buyers (if you’re looking to sell).

Types of Fixed Awnings

Some of the most popular types of fixed awnings include:

Traditional Canopy Awnings

canopy Awnings - Ozsun Shade Systems – Sydney Awnings & Blinds and PatiosTraditional fixed awnings and canopy awnings feature a durable fabric attached to aluminium, steel or other metal frame. The durable metal understructure combines with the tough shading unit to deliver effective, reliable and long lasting weather protection. Your furnishings or garden furniture on your backyard, patio, veranda, or any other outdoor area of your property will be protected from harmful UV radiation and rain for years into the future.

Leading awning providers offer quality fixed awnings that include extras, such as a privacy screen, vertical front shade, atmospheric lighting, electric drive for automation, and more, to ensure that you’re able to enjoy a beautiful, easy, home enhancement that facilitates optimal outdoor activities while avoiding the sun’s damaging effects. These fixed awnings are typically tailor-made and come with fabrics or shading units that offer 100% UV protection to guarantee maximum safety and functionality.

Traditional canopy awnings are ideal for private residential homes, restaurants, bars, cafes, outdoor rooms, accommodation providers, entrance ways, front doors and bay windows. Most of the canopy awning designs lend themselves to traditional architecture, but some styles such as the wedge canopy looks good on contemporary style buildings.

Fixed Carbolite Awnings

Founded in 1991, Carbolite is a leading awning company based in Sydney. Carbolite specialises in awnings, louvres and window coverings for both residential and commercial applications. Fixed carbolite awnings are crafted from twin-walled polycarbonate, and offers a number of unique benefits associated with this material.

Polycarbonate is a lightweight material that is extremely tough and durable. Fixed Carbolite awnings are most suited to applications where weather-related concerns and increment weather protection is required without blocking out natural light. These awnings reflect heat and filter 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays. The clear polycarbonate material lets natural light in, giving your house or your business’s outdoor sitting area a well-lighted ambiance.

Polycarbonate used in Carbolite awnings is very tough and doesn’t crack due to extreme weather conditions or as a result of inconsistency in outdoor temperature. These fixed awnings can withstand the cold temperatures of winter as well as the heat of the summer better than most other materials like glass. They are also known to provide low flammability and more durability and flexibility than most other commonly used awning materials. In addition, Carbolite awnings are available in a wide range of colours and designs and can be cut to fit any shape or size to complement any home or commercial building. If you’re looking for an easy and economic shade solution for your windows, doors, patios, balconies, terraces or shop-front, then you should go for a fixed Carbolite awning. It is very easy to install, and all you’ll need to do is to install the rear weather bar and arms.