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Extending your outdoor space with exterior awnings

Learn about how your outdoor entertaining space can be extended with Ozsun exterior folding arm awnings increasing the overall value of your property.

January 09, 2017

sydney awningsFrom shade to structure, outdoor awnings are a great way to add aesthetic appeal and function to your property. Through the addition of an awning, you can easily expand your outdoor living space while at the same time improving its beauty.

How Outdoor Awnings Can Help Extend Your Exterior Space

Using your outdoor space by creating a cozy living area will not only transform your home, it can greatly improve your quality of life.

Hanging outside has been shown to be good for mental and physical well-being. So, creating an outdoor retreat will definitely leave you healthier and happier whilst also increasing the value and look of your home.

One of the easiest ways to create an outdoor retreat to take your home life outdoors and expand your living space is making use of awnings. Adding an awning to your outdoor area is actually the best and most affordable way to create a comfortable and luxurious living space on your front yard or backyard.

If you want a quiet place to relax and entertain on your outdoor area, you must also set up protection against the elements (sun and rain) there. Outdoor awnings offer a stylish and practical solution for a pleasant entertainment area on the exterior of your property.

Too much sun or rain can make time spent outside unbearable. To add shade and protection to your patio, deck, porch or outdoor seating area, invest in a quality outdoor awning.

Outdoor awnings provide the ideal solution for creating a comfortable environment outside for the whole family to enjoy. By adding one or several of these awnings to your property, you can realise a sanctuary for relaxation, entertaining and play right in your yard. This will allow you to enjoy your cooking and entertaining the way you’re supposed to, and at a fraction of the cost of constructing a permanent addition.

Outdoor awnings will provide you and your family with complete protection against rain, sun, excessive heat and UV exposure, while also protecting your furniture and furnishings from damage. With a good awning, you’ll be able to expand your outdoor living space, where you can kick back under the sun and enjoy your outdoors without worry.

The great thing about outdoor awnings is that they possess unmatched low-cost affordability and easy adaptability to almost any outdoor area.

Ideas For Extending Your Exterior Space Using Outdoor Awnings
An outdoor awning for extending your outside living space can stand on its own, but it can also work well with another outdoor structure or fixture such as a patio, deck, porch, veranda, or pool area.

When trying to extend your exterior space using outdoor awnings, you should consider the design of your house and that of the awning. Be sure to choose a quality awning that complements your home and landscape.

Whether you need an awning to extend your back door area or a shade cover to suit your individual entertainment needs, choose an outdoor awning that perfectly matches the style and look of your house and surroundings.

Outdoor awnings for extending exterior living spaces come in a wide variety of styles and fabric patterns.

Some awning designs feature decorative patterns, and can serve as a wonderful accent to your home that adds a charming and cheerful focal point to your outdoor area. A beautiful awning can help accent your home’s patio, deck, porch or pool by providing a pretty backdrop to an otherwise boring exterior.

Consider your home’s decor and determine whether you want your outdoor living space to blend with your façade or become an interesting focal point. Evaluate the style of your house and your home’s setting to make the right decision.

As mentioned earlier, the best outdoor awnings for extending your exterior space will depend on the style of your home and its surroundings!

For example if your home’s landscape includes sunny seashore or a poolside patio, then awnings with bright tones will work wonders when creating an outdoor living area for entertainment or relaxing.

On the other hand, if the surroundings of your home consist of woodland areas then awnings with neutral and/or earthy hues would be the most appropriate.

Select an awning fabric that complements the architectural style of your house.

IMG_2396Some outdoor awnings, such as those that come with black-and-white stripes, can fit in any type of decor or landscape. But you have to choose the right size to achieve the best results.

Coordinate outdoor awning fabric with the colours on your home’s exterior surfaces, such as exterior paint colour, cladding, shingles and trim. And pick colour patterns that are proportional to the size of your home and your outdoor awning.

For a traditional style home, look for a fabric featuring neutral, navy or green colour to complement it.

Colonial- and cottage- style homes may call for awnings with uniform bar stripes or neutral colours, while terra-cotta, salmon and beige stripes may work well with plaster-finished homes or those covered with shingles or terracotta roof tiles (Southwestern-style homes).

Awnings with notched- or scalloped-edge valances, as well as those with integrated lighting, work great for contemporary homes; but it’s advisable to keep the design simple and the fabric solid.

You can also use outdoor awnings as transitions. When trying to extend your outdoor living area, you can install your awning in such a way that it eases the transition from the inside of your house to other hardscape amenities on the outside – like the pool, patio or outdoor kitchen.

To achieve this, make sure your awning fixture integrates well with other outside living amenities. You also need to extend your interior style by choosing colour patterns that reflect those inside, particularly those in the adjoining rooms.

When extending your outside space using awnings, you can choose between retractable and fixed or permanent awnings. The choice of the design will depend on the size of your outdoor area and your specific needs. If the outside space that you want to extend is quite small, then you should opt for a retractable or folding model that you can remove easily. With a spacious outdoor area, however, a large permanent owning or canopy supported by posts may work well.

You can take advantage of various awning accessories and options, such as motorization, rain & sun sensors, wind sensor, LED lighting, front awning valance and side panel, to customize your awning while deriving more benefits from it. Consider working with a professional installer to assess your needs and help you pick the best awning design and fabric.

Whether you choose an inexpensive freestanding option or a pricier retractable awning with all the fancy accessories, these shade covers will allow you to extend your outdoor living space and make it more inviting even on the warmest days of the year.