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Custom or Off The Shelf? Which Awning Should I Go For?

When it comes to installing awnings, one question that is most likely to come up is: should you buy them off-the-shelf or have them custom made to fit?

March 20, 2017

Echo Point Roof System retractedWhen it comes to installing awnings, one question that is most likely to come up is: should you buy them off-the-shelf or have them custom made to fit your space by the supplier?

Buying awnings and other shade covers off-the-shelf certainly has its advantages – they are typically less expensive and you can install them immediately without having to wait for them to be designed. But custom awnings, shade covers, canopies, sun shades, shutters and screens crafted to fit your home and specific needs offer so many benefits that off-the-shelf awnings simply cannot match.

So which is right for you – custom awnings or off-the-shelf awnings? Here is a comparison of custom-made and off the shelf awnings in terms of benefits offered.

Perfect Design

Often, you have to settle for less-than-perfect when you’re buying off the shelf awnings and shade coverings. After all, suppliers are only going to provide so many different designs to customers in their area. But with custom-made awnings, you never have to settle for less when it comes to awning design. These awnings are crafted just for you, following your specifications and based on your requirements, whether as an individual homeowner or as a business. Off the shelf awnings can be good, but custom-made awnings can be absolutely stunning.


While most off-the-shelf awnings suppliers provide a wide variety of products, they don’t compare to providers of custom awnings who can manufacture shade covers to suit any style, design or color pattern. Providers of custom awnings usually have extensive awning fabric libraries featuring different patterns, trims, and accessories. Because of this, you’ll have more options in terms of awning design and styling when you work with a manufacturer to create custom awnings for your home or business premises. On the other hand, if you decide to buy off the shelf shade covers, you are limited to the options being offered by the specific supplier in their store.

Fit And Function

With off the shelf or pre-made awnings, it can be very difficult to find awnings that perfectly complement or accentuate your home’s architectural style. This is because manufacturers of these awnings never designed them with your home in mind. What’s more, these mass-produced, inexpensive and generic shades may not fit your windows or exterior space in terms of size and fit.

Custom awnings provide the ideal solution to all of the downsides of off-the-shelf shades. Customisation of awnings helps achieve the perfect marriage of form and function, allowing you to add a layer of insulation, privacy, sun protection and light control to your space via a stylish and beautiful shade cover that matches your interior and exterior design.

Custom awnings are actually designed as an element of your home’s overall architectural design, and part of its function is to bring the architectural louvre roof 12theme of your home together beautifully. Using custom awning fabric, color pattern and styling in your space helps bring the design elements together throughout your property.

The bespoke awnings will be perfectly suited to your tastes and will match all aspects of your home – your siding colors, front entryway, patio furniture, interior and exterior color scheme, furnishings, etc. These awnings are also constructed to fit your space perfectly. When buying them, you’ll provide dimensions and specifications with regards to material, style and design and the supplier will design the awnings to fit your existing structure exactly. You’ll also have an opportunity mix and match features, including: fabric material, finish, color pattern, designs, and accessories – so you can have your new awning being unique to you, with style and functionality that fits perfectly in your home or business premises.

These types of awnings are the best option if you are the type of person who likes choice and individuality when it comes to beautifying your home. They’ll allow you to have shades that fit your space just right (instead of looking disproportional and out of place), and that blend with the colors and décor of your home to your exact specifications.

Quality and Durability

Majority of pre-made, off-the-shelf awnings are not designed to be durable. They also don’t utilize the best fabrics, materials and accessories. Most are usually poorly constructed and suppliers don’t even offer a guarantee. Custom awnings, on the other hand, are made using the highest quality materials and professional craftsmanship. This gives them a superior look and durability compared to off the rack awnings. In fact, these shades can last up to twice as long as off-the-rack awnings as they are made-as-you-order using top notch awning fabrics and materials while paying attention to detail.

post-Heliscreen-external-blinds-001Energy Efficiency

A supplier of custom awnings can work with you to design and install shade covers that can contribute to energy savings in your home. These awnings can be installed to provide shade over your windows and entry ways that open directly to the sun. And because these awnings utilise high-quality fabrics that are designed to be the most energy efficient, you’ll be able to realize reduced heating and cooling costs while creating an inviting and more comfortable living area. This can be very difficult to achieve when using low quality awnings of which you may not be able to install properly to cover your windows and entryways.

Personalised Service

If you choose off-the-rack awnings from an online store or a local home improvement store, you’ll probably not receive personalized service. Many suppliers of these ready-made awnings usually don’t provide installation, and they are only interested in selling as many units as possible. They don’t have time for you or your queries.

On the other hand, when you order custom awnings you’ll work with a designer and an installer who will help you choose the best awning material and take you through the process of design and installation so you can have a bespoke awning that meets all your requirements. They can help you find the best awnings to make your room look larger, limit or maximise natural light, or reduce your energy bills. Whether need awnings to cover your patio or shades for your windows, these professionals can ensure that you get exactly what you need. What else could you ask for?