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Commercial Umbrellas

Made from strong, very durable, weather and UV proof materials, commercial umbrellas are truly luxurious additions to any outdoor area, patio area or pool area.

August 12, 2014

commercial umbrellas - Ozsun Sunshade SystemsMade from strong, very durable, weather and UV proof materials, commercial umbrellas are truly luxurious additions to any outdoor area, patio area or pool area. These umbrellas feature a superior design, solid construction and tough materials, and come in wide range of styles, sizes and colours to help create an attractive outdoor space, sheltered from the harsh elements during winter and the sun’s UV rays in summer.

The best quality commercial umbrellas come with a solid powdered aluminium frame with a high quality, reliable and guaranteed gearing mechanism that makes opening and closing the umbrella with the supplied removable handle a breeze. Their canopies are usually made from a PVC-coated polyester fabric, which is 100 per cent waterproof and UV-proof.

Commercial outdoor umbrellas can also be custom designed to suit client needs, with a range of personalised add-ons available such as air conditioning, screen printing (logos), plastic drop down curtains and heaters. All commercial umbrellas are designed for easy installation and maximum ease of use.
Here are the common design options for commercial outdoor umbrellas:

Commercial Umbrellas

Designed from solid, sturdy and low maintenance materials that are resistant to fade and rust, commercial grade umbrellas are perfect for all commercial and promotional settings, including: restaurants, pubs, cafes, beer gardens, resorts, schools, rooftops, courtyards, balcony areas, promotional events and more. They are typically available in silver and white frames.

Market Umbrellas

Market umbrellas refer to the lighter style outdoor umbrella designed to be movable. They are typically crafted from timber or aluminium and come with a central pole and a base. Market umbrellas can be used in public areas such as resorts, restaurants, cafes and pubs, as well as in residential settings.

Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are generally designed for residential on a patio or deck, but can also be used for commercial applications such as restaurants. These outdoor umbrellas have very similar features to market umbrellas, even though they tend to be made from aluminium. They often use metal caps as finials.

Cantilever Umbrel las

Cantilever umbrellas, also referred to as Offset umbrellas, feature a base and pole at the side of the umbrella. This construction anchors the umbrella, allowing it to move commercial umbrellas - Ozsun Sunshade Systems(rotate) and shade larger areas. These umbrellas are ideal for outdoor living and pool areas, and can be used for both residential and commercial settings. Many cantilever umbrellas are portable and can be moved to different locations, providing a great substitute for awnings.

Choosing Umbrella Size

When choosing an umbrella size for commercial use, it is important to measure how much space is available on your outdoor area. Commercial outdoor umbrellas differ both in diameter and the number of panels and ribs. A 6 feet pop up has 6 panels and ribs. The standard size umbrella is 8.5 feet and has 12 panels and ribs. All commercial umbrellas from 7.5 feet through to 11 feet typically have 8 panels and ribs. Remember the larger the commercial umbrella, the more shade it will provide.

Choosing Umbrella Frames

Frames for commercial umbrellas can be: aluminium with steel ribs, aluminium with fiberglass ribs, aluminium with aluminium ribs, or wood with steel ribs, wood with fiberglass ribs, wood market frame, or fiberglass frames. Heavy duty aluminium is the best quality frame for commercial applications, but wood and fiberglass frames are also great.

Tilts and Cranks

Tilts and Cranks are also important features that you have to consider when purchasing commercial umbrellas. You have many choices from commercial umbrellas that feature cranks that you turn to open or close your umbrella to umbrellas that use a pulley to open or close the umbrella. Decide whether you want to be able to tilt your umbrella, pop up, open with a pulley or use auto-crank.

Talk to us at Ozsun and we can answer any questions with regards to a commercial umbrella.