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Awnings As Home Window Fashion

Learn more about how you can utilise awnings, blinds and shutters to increase your street appeal and make your home fashionable.

May 21, 2018

Regardless of whether we follow the latest trends, it’s almost impossible to avoid being influenced by fashion.

It’s not as simple as updating your wardrobe with new season looks!

Fashion reflects the most popular aesthetics, not just for clothing and beauty, but our entire lifestyles.

This, of course, includes home décor. The way your living space is presented can speak volumes about your character. A person whose home is filled with heavy lace, floral prints and wooden furniture is very different to someone who fills their home with flat-pack furniture, sporting trophies and naked lightbulbs.

Just as clothing styles change, so too do homewares. Rose gold may be the height of fashion now, but all those shiny metallic accents will be embarrassing in a few years time. Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take to avoid your house becoming a fashion disaster!

It’s all about balancing the timeless with the on-trend. For essential features like paint, flooring, lighting and large furniture, stick to tried and true classics. Durable, classic furniture in neutral tones provides a solid foundation that can be added to. With features such as artwork, manchester and small furniture, go wild with colour.

As tastes change, it’s easy and affordable to replace the outdated pieces and change the look of the room.

Windows can be difficult to style, because they need to be attractive from both the inside and the outside of the home. It’s important to get the colour right to strike a balance between both the indoor and outdoor palettes.

ShuttersTimber shutters are a great option because of their stylistic versatility. They blend in with the existing features of any style of home, and come in a range of colours.

Basswood shutters come in 15 standard colours and can also be finished with a stain or custom paint. With resistance to warping and cleverly designed joints, the shutters are also incredibly durable.

Flexible and practical window dressings are functional and can be toned in with the rest of the room, allowing for more decorating freedom.

Some homes incorporate the surrounding environment into their design. It can be an effective way of blending modern comforts with natural appeal. Of course, the effect is wasted if you can’t see the great outdoors! To bring the beauty of nature inside, the windows should be free from distractions.

Simple roller blinds look contemporary and tidy – modern design frowns upon the cluttered look, so the lack of Sydney Awningsobvious hardware is a fantastic benefit.

The blinds can be rolled all the way up to maximise views and are hardly noticeable. They can also be dropped to any point to control the amount of light entering the room.

Roller blinds are a neat and highly practical choice which won’t detract from the appeal of the other décor in the home.

Fashion can be fickle, but the Australian sun isn’t. Choosing the right window styles will keep your home looking modern but still provide you with privacy and sun protection.