Varioscreen® – retractable sunroof from Helioscreen is a retractable sun protection system that allows sunlight through to your living and working environment while keeping out the blinding glare and heat.

Available for flat glass roofs and pergolas, Varioscreen® gives you more flexibility and freedom to enjoy these spaces, ensuring that both the exterior appearance of the building and the view from within are not compromised. Available in translucent and mesh fabrics.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Maximum projection up to 6m
  • Maximum width up to 8m
  • Exceptional sun protection technology
  • High-grade aluminium and rustproof A2 steel components
  • Top or reveal mounting
  • Sun and wind sensor option available


As with many of our products we have a range of fabric collections to suit various needs. Below is a rough guide on how to best select a fabric for your individual needs. We recommend consulting with a Helioscreen Specialist before deciding on which fabric best suits your needs.

Fabric Fabric Width Cut on cross Weldable Application Warranty Cutting Method
Helio 86 1.77m Yes Yes Internal/External 5 Years Crush Cut
Helio 93 2.77m Yes Yes Internal/External 5 Years Crush Cut
Helioshade 100 1.2m No Yes External 5 Years Crush Cut