Retractable Roof System at Wahroonga

Project brief

Provide an outdoor living area utilising retractable awnings or retractable roof system in the leafy Sydney suburb of Wahroonga, which seemingly integrates the Australian Native Bush scenes onto their outdoor deck and provides sunshade.

Project specifics

This project involved our premium business partner Helioscreen in which our project brief was to expand the customers outdoor living area and open-up the home to the breathtaking natural wonders of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. The customers existing outdoor living area was not utilised to its full potential, so it was imperative we found the right solution for our client.

Paired with Bifold doors, the customer is able to blend their indoor and outdoor living spaces, by simply sliding back the doors which invite them onto their patio and at the touch of a button, they can retract the roof to gaze at the stars or take in the beaty of the leafiness of their surrounds. In less favourable conditions, the client may wish to close the roof and read the local paper without the disruption of a drizzly spring afternoon without having to abandon the patio due to the unpredictability of the weather.

Lets get technical!

This HS10 designer Retractable Roof System at Wahroonga has a unique feature to enhance the natural beauty of this property.

The retractable roof was roof mounted so that fabric stack is hidden above the roof line when retracted. This installation technique not only makes clever use of unused space, but it creates more openness and more skyline for the client when completely retracted.

The stylish front posts were designed raked on an angle so that water runs off over the edge of the deck. Without having to have the integrated front gutter, offered by other models. Integrated LED lights were the finishing touch which creates a beautiful ambiance in the evening or at dusk, whilst also providing practical lighting solutions when entertaining over the BBQ well into the wee hours of the morning during one of our gorgeous long Australian Sydney Summer nights.

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