Folding Arm Awnings at St Ives

Project brief

Create an elegant and stylish shade structure that can retract automatically in strong winds and tuck away effortlessly when not in use.

Project specifics

Located in Sydney’s Upper North Shore, St Ives, our clients were particular about the appearance of their new awning, it was absolutely necessary to choose the right high-quality awning, style and awning colour. The folding arm awning had to blend in with the existing architecture of the apartment building, while not compromising on providing maximum shade for the brightly lit terrace.

We selected the semi cassette awning option with a 200mm straight valance. A strata by law was created for the awning and set the standard with its Dickson Orchestra Max fabric which is coated with a transparent film on one side which gives it outstanding water resistance, and superior stain resistance. The slope of this particular folding arm awning combined with the superior fabric meant that it was able to withstand a light shower.

The awning was motorised, to allow the addition of sensors and for ease of operation anywhere within the apartment. Controlled at the touch of a button and can be extended fully or at any point the client wishes by pressing the appropriate button eliminating any reflective glare from the westerly sunshine into the living room of the apartment.

The bifold doors, extend the clients living area out onto their terrace, making it perfect for entertaining family and friends no matter intensity of the harsh Australian sun.

The sunshade project end result was a simply stunning addition to the outdoor patio where the client could make use of a previously uninhabitable outdoor living space, all year round, relaxing with piece of mind knowing that if the wind came up that it could easily be retracted by the automatic wind sensor.

Lets get technical!

Size: 6800 x 3500
Fabric: Dickson Orchestra Max Grey
Powder Coating: Dulux Duralloy Shoji White

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