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How Awnings Can Add To the Sustainable Design of Your Home

Awnings & blinds are cheaper than erecting new, sunrooms, patios, porches & covered decks. They come in a range of custom options & colours.

September 05, 2017

Retractable Roof System Burradoo - 2While everyone could be struggling to enhance the aesthetic value of their house, budget-savvy homeowners instead resort to the better, less costly route.

Awnings and blinds are far much cheaper than erecting new rooms, extra bedrooms, sunrooms, patios, porches and covered decks.

They come in varied forms and styles and can be covered using virtually any material – not canvas alone, which is fantastic to mention.

But for those homes designed with retractable awnings, everything gets comfortable, whether it’s during summer or winter. It is a temporary structure and thus quickly pulled down and stored for future purposes once its use is over.

1. Awning To Save You Money 

In a typical Australia home, lots of energy is lost through glass doors and windows during the cold winter period. And when summer arrives, energy gets in through the same doors and windows, which again make the house uncomfortable to relax in.

So, for someone expecting to slash huge utility bills during summer and winter, among the best factors to consider is an awning. It not only helps in offering that great ambiance as the temperature is maintained, but let in natural light. In the end, you’ll not need to turn on the air conditioner or any lights.

2. Instant shade and protection from harmful rays, rains, and snows

Perhaps, the best thing about an awning is that instant verandah shade whenever you’re tired of staying indoors. There’s no need to spend a fortune constructing extra rooms, patios, porches and covered decks for instant shade when a retractable awning can do the job excellently.

All you’ll do whenever you need to relax under the ambient protection is to attach the canopy to the rear, side or front part of your house.

When choosing an awning that can offer that sustainable design and enhance the appeal of your home, experts advise that you choose one that can be manually installed. Though the most recent ones can be operated via a remote control, all of them function well. Your worry would be what colour to choose, a style that befits the structure of your home and if you will get the right size.

3. To Add Value To Your Home 

Besides the beautiful and vibrant fabrics, stripes and scalloped borders, retractable awnings ensure that the pristine condition of your home’s exterior post-commercial-umbrella2furnishings is maintained. The harmful rays of the sun will not hit the walls, while the waters and snow are stopped from charring out and fading. As a result, the whole structure will remain beautiful and youthful for longer.

But still, under the enhanced value of your structure, retractable awnings can create temporary additional spaces at a cheaper cost. The colour and style façade is hard to attain when you choose to erect an additional structure outside the house. And in the end, your home will stand out from the rest in an elegant way.

4. For A Long-Lasting Veranda

While evaluating your choices and preferences, don’t forget to opt for an awning that’s set to last. Retractable ones are handy because they can be removed whenever their needs are over. But for that classy look identical with a modern coastal home, focus on longevity as well.