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Ozsun Shade Systems – Quality, Innovation and Value

Ensuring you are protected from the harsh climate in Australia is a local necessity, and there’s one company in Cronulla that knows all about it: Ozsun Shade Systems.

December 21, 2021

Ensuring you are protected from the harsh climate in Australia is a local necessity, and there’s one company in Cronulla that knows all about it: Ozsun Shade Systems.

Ozsun has a history tracing back 141 years and is now under the management of John Miller, a local who understands the needs of the people of Cronulla and the surrounding suburbs. The Ozsun team is dedicated to giving you the very best awnings, blinds and shade systems, with a focus on quality, innovation and value.

Neighbourhood Media put some questions to John Miller to learn more about Ozsun Shade Systems and why our team are the leaders in awnings, blinds and shade systems in Australia.

NSW gets the best of all seasons, so what is your recommendation when it comes to choosing shade products?

It’s all about the client’s outdoor lifestyle goals – do they need rain protection? Does it get windy where they live? The more we understand how our client envisages using their space now and in the years to come assists our team in determining the best products for the client.

John, we understand you are a local, tell us a little about where you grew up and what you love about the area?

I grew up in Gymea Bay and now live in the heart of Cronulla. What I love about the shire are its pristine beaches and waterways. There is always so much to explore!

How did the business come about?

I have worked in the outdoor awning business for around 25 years. When the previous owner of Ozsun asked me if I wanted to purchase the business in 2016, it was an absolute no brainer for me as Ozsun was considered (and still is) the pinnacle of the awning trade. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to continue the tradition of providing quality awnings and shade systems to a business that has operated for over 141 years. To complete the business vision, It was only natural for me to want to bring the Ozsun business back home to the Shire, where we relocated our showroom and warehouse in 2020 from St Peters.

Ozsun Shade Systems Nextdoor Cronulla

You recently worked with a local favourite, Next Door Cronulla – can you tell us a little about this project? Were their shade requirements just functional, or was there a design element that needed to be considered?

We have worked with the Allouche family for many years, Cronulla needed another local spot, close to the beach with exceptional food. When we were approached to work on the project we were delighted to be able to assist with the fit out of Next Door. The Next Door project involved quite a few functional and design factors. The proximity to the ocean and the extreme wind in the area meant that we had to build and design a custom made awning with support brackets to keep the awning in place when the winds were high. The end result is two awnings which keep the atmosphere inside the restaurant cool, whilst also providing shade for the patrons as they dine alfresco sipping some of the best cocktails in the Shire.


You have worked with some amazing companies in your 30 years of business, which project was your favourite?

My favourite project was providing the tensioned roof over the circular dining area, overlooking Cronulla Beach at Sealevel [restaurant and bar]. It’s a stunning view, which called for strong architectural features. It’s been up for many years and I look proudly upon it when taking my morning strolls along the Esplanade.

We heard that the team at Ozsun Shade Systems are all locals too, was this a deliberate choice or something that just happened by chance?

Having local staff was really important to me, it allows us to better understand the community, and what products are going to be suitable based on their location. It also assists us in being able to deliver quality services quickly and professionally, without the long commute and wait times associated with bookings.

How can our readers learn more about your products and services?

Fill out our Contact form. We also have appointments available in our showroom or in the comfort of your own home. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Ozsun offers one of the broadest range of shade systems available in Australia. It includes folding arm awnings, retractable roof systems, conservatory awnings, louvered roofs, window awnings, Carbolite awnings, designer umbrellas, blinds and shutters. Call us or get a quick quote today and start your new project with Ozsun.