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It’s Time to Install Your Awnings Now For Summer

Installing an awning can make outdoor spaces infinitely more usable all year round. Protect your family from the harsh elements with our large range of awnings.

November 30, 2021

groovy seniors on beachAh, summer: the season of endless blue skies, lazy late nights and delicious food.

While winter’s in full blast, daydreaming about those warmer days is very tempting.

But in the midst of a fantasy of beach weather, it’s easy to forget about the negative aspects of summer. Oppressive heat and painful sunburn might seem a small price to pay in exchange for the end of winter, but it will be a different story come January.

If you’re already lost in thoughts of summer’s pleasures, perhaps it’s time to get organised! Everyone wants to make the most of summer by idling the warm days away in their own backyard. What could be better than inviting your favourite people around for a BBQ? Enjoying the great outdoors and the company of friends is an Australian tradition.

However, so too is nursing a vicious sunburn afterwards. Too many Australians are familiar with the painful, bright red skin and the peeling that shortly follows. We all understand the risks of sun exposure, but tend to brush that knowledge aside in favour of enjoying some time outdoors. It’s actually an unnecessary risk.

Installing an awning can make outdoor spaces infinitely more usable all year round. Fixed awnings are practical and incredibly durable. It’s like adding an outdoor room to your home. The awning provides shelter and shade from the harsh sun, while still allowing the fresh air to breeze through the space. The area allows family and visitors to spend time outside enjoying the summer weather with significantly reduced exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Creating a large, shaded area gives kids and pets a safe place to play outdoors, and makes a perfect location for the adults to host gatherings.

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Retractable Awning

Outdoor Umbrella                Outdoor umbrellas are another way to make your outdoor spaces more welcoming. The heavy duty umbrellas are designed for Australian conditions – neither harsh sun nor strong winds can best them. They offer a more flexible option than a fixed awning, as they can be taken down when you want to absorb  some vitamin D. They also work well for pool areas, making a shady spot to slather on the sunscreen before a swim. Where the awnings blend in, the umbrellas stand out! A colourful umbrella creates a cheery feature for your outdoor space, reminiscent of a café or a resort.

Some may think it too early to be making preparations for summer. If you’re after the best possible shade solutions for your home, it’s important to leave enough time to make your plans and consult with an expert. OzSun specialists can give you advice tailored to the needs of your family and your home to ensure that your shade systems work for you. Get everything installed before December hits and your home will be ready to welcome all of your Christmas guests.

While ensuring that your home has sufficient shade is an important factor of sun protection, everyone should still slap on some sunscreen before heading outdoors. Remind your family and guests to help keep them safe from the harsh Aussie summer.