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How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient With Blinds

How to make your home energy efficient with awnings and blinds. Did you know Sunlight being absorbed into your Australian home is the primary source of summer heat gain?

October 05, 2018

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Retractable Roof Systems

The Australian summer is fast approaching, which means your electricity bill is about to increase thanks to the expected rise in your air conditioning needs.

As a reasonable homeowner, you might want to consider ways and means of reducing your cooling costs this summer without sacrificing on comfort – such as, making use of blinds and awnings.

Use Blinds And Awnings To Make Your Home Energy Efficient This Summer

Tired of having the Australian sun blasting heat into your home?

Are you looking for ways to minimise summer heat gain in your home?

Sunlight and sun’s glare being absorbed into your Australian home is the primary source of summer heat gain. This heat build-up could force your air conditioning system to work harder and consume more energy – which, in turn, pleated blindscan send your cooling costs through the roof.

One effective way to keep your home’s interior cool and your bills in check is making use of shutters, blinds and awnings. These window coverings and shading accessories provide an easy, yet practical method of boosting energy efficiency in your home and can save you money on cooling and air conditioning costs this summer.

But, how do blinds and awnings cool your home?

Shutters, blinds and awnings help control summer heat gain by controlling the heat and sunlight that enters through your windows and/or entryways. They block the sun’s harsh rays; control glare; and reduce heat gain substantially. By so doing, they help optimize interior energy efficiency whilst protecting your home’s interiors from UV damage.

Windows are responsible for the largest proportion of heat entering a typical Australian home in summer. In fact, uncovered windows absorb, or will let in, around 40% of the unwanted heat in a home. To deal with this considerable heat gain that could leave a huge dent in your wallet, you should seriously consider using blinds and awnings.

Interior blinds, including roller blinds, vertical blinds, Helioscreens, cedar blinds, pleated blinds and Venetian blinds, are extremely effective at stopping or reducing the transfer of heat through the windows and other openings. In fact, some blinds – specifically reflective blinds – have been shown to reduce heat gain by up to 45%. These window coverings reflect the sun’s heat or glare, thereby insulating your windows and saving you energy and money on your bills. What’s great about them is that they’ll still allow you to enjoy natural light and the privacy for your home.

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Cedar Shutters

Shutters, such as basswood, Thermo 25 and cedar shutters, are particularly great for summer shading. These window treatments are not only stylish, but they have also been proven to help reduce indoor heat gains by up to a whopping 85%! These window coverings will definitely keep your home cool whilst also providing the much needed protection. What’s more, you can use them together with curtains to enhance insulation in your home. Shutters that feature movable or fixed louvers will facilitate ventilation and allow natural light to enter the room while blocking out much of the sun’s radiation. That means you don’t have to compromise on comfort to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Another effective way to cover your windows and entryways and enhance energy efficiency in your home is installing awnings. Awnings have been shown to block out up to 77% of the direct heat gain coming from the sun through windows. They regulate the amount of sun’s heat that reaches your home’s facade. By installing well-made and well-designed awnings, you can significantly reduce heat transfer to your house with immediate effect. Retractable awnings are particularly great as you can always roll them up during the cooler months to let the sun warm your home.

Whatever option you choose – be it blinds, awnings or shutters, you can prevent a great deal of the sun’s heat and glare from entering your house, reducing the load on your AC and extending its life. Reducing the load on your AC can save you up to 30% on your power bills; leaving you with more money in your pocket! You’ll also be able to make your small but important contribution toward saving our planet.

Shutters, blinds and awnings can be effective on any window opening in your home or business premises, regardless of whether or not they receive direct sunlight. They are available in a wide range of design selections and there are even custom options that can be fitted to any shape window or door, including rounded and angled windows, arches or any unusual shapes.

The UV blockage offered by these window treatments helps prevent or eliminate the risk of sun damage to your window coverings, carpets, furniture, artwork, etc. They even hold heat in during the winter.

Why not try them today to see for yourself!