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Heat Gain Through Windows

As the temperature begins to rise it is now a good time to investigate how you can keep your house cool through out the long hot summer.

November 17, 2018

OzsunAs the temperature begins to rise it is now a good time to investigate how you can keep your house cool through out the long hot summer.

A simple and cost-effective way is to control the heat that comes through your windows.

When people think of covering their windows their first thought is often curtains. But to keep your house cool in the summer and even warm in winter it is better to take a more holistic approach.

It is not only the inside of your house which needs protection but also the outside. Both internal and external blinds and awnings provide excellent protection from the sun and will help you lower your energy bills and consumption

All homes in Australia are required under the building code to have windows in any room, which is determined to be habitable. The windows must be equivalent to at least 10% of the total floor space. In some houses this can be a lot of windows and a lot of heat coming into the house.

When determining what type of window blind or awning will best suit your needs there are a number of factors to take into consideration. It is also important to remember that not all windows in your house will need the same type of covering.

Firstly, look at your window orientation and the size of the windows. If your windows are facing west they will need Shuttersmore protection to prevent the afternoon sun making your house hot. You also need to take into account whether your windows need internal or external shading.

An economical and greener way to prevent heat from entering your house is to install awnings or blinds externally. A simple awning can block the direct sunlight hitting your window, making your room cool throughout the summer without the need of air conditioners.

Internal blinds can also control the amount of heat entering your house. These are best used on windows that are not receiving direct sunlight but when you still need some added protection and insulation. Awnings and external blinds are considered more effective than internal blinds when blocking direct sunlight because they prevent heat from being transferred through glass windows.

It has been estimated that external shading can reduce heat gains by between 70- 80 percent while internal coverings such as curtains are less effective. It is estimated that curtains will only reduce the heat gain by about 15 percent. By installing the correct window covering you can reduce your electricity bill by as much as $60 a year.

If you are unsure which blind or awning will best suit your needs contact Ozsun. They stock quality German awnings as well as budged awnings and blinds with genuine product warranties. Fully trained professional and experienced staff are available to visit your home and offer free quotations. The staff will not only look at the practical aspect of installing blinds but also advise on design and what would look best and add the most value to your home.