Helioshade Full Cassette


Helioshade full cassette folding arm awnings are the ultimate in design and functionality when it comes to folding arm awnings.

Totally enclosed when retracted, it gives you the utmost protection against the elements.

Helioshade have the strongest full cassette folding arm awnings available on the market. The Multiflex 4 cable system in the arms is tested to give a 200-year life span with daily use! This is the only cassette folding arm awning with a Beaufort Category 6 wind rating.

The elegant Helioshade cassette provides optimal protection of the awning fabric and a sophisticated working mechanism against dirt and rain.

The cassette and arms are of uncompromising quality, manufactured from chromatised aluminum and marine-grade stainless steel screws.

The Helioshade cassette folding arm awnings also have an optional drop-down adjustable valance.

Helioshade Cassette Folding Arm Awning with optional retractable valance – Sydney

Wind rating up to 49km/hour

Helioshade Full Cassette Specifications

Available Sizes

Width: 2 to 8 metres (coupled units up to 21 metres)
Projection (arm sizes): 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 metres
Height: 180mm top/bottom
Depth: 258mm front/back


Internal Spring Assembly: Heavy duty triple spring assembly with four 3mm PVC coated cables provides the highest fabric tension of any comparable system.
: Heavy-duty 6061 grade extruded aluminium.


Quality aluminium castings, chromatised and powder coated to prevent corrosion. Stainless steel pivot pins and bolts throughout. Heavy duty 6061 grade aluminium extrusions, chromatised and powder coated.


High quality woven acrylic fibre.


Aluminium brackets for face and top fix, plus fabricated brackets to suit special situations.


a) Manual by means of crank handle
b) Motorized with switch control
c) Motorized with hand held remote control
d) Motorized plus automatic sun and wind control system