Polycarbonate Awnings

Carbolite awnings

Carbolite awnings give you the protection, the looks and much more.

Carbolite is 99.9% UV protective. UV Rays are the element behind the fading and rotting of your furniture and carpet.

The protective coating extruded in Carbolite filters out these rays ensuring your furniture and carpet remain protected.

Carbolite is ideally suited to applications where rain protection is required without reducing too much natural light. By filtering out much of the harmfull UV, only gentle natural light is transmitted.

This product comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the traditional bullnosed to the architecturally domed and the contemporary flat, we are able to suit all applications.

Carbolite is unique in its ability to remain a lightweight material yet be 200 times tougher than standard float glass. It is impervious to up to 25mm hail stones and has guarantees against cracking and rotting (conditions apply).

Polycarbonate Awnings Specification


Standard aluminium frame colours of White, Primrose, Bronze & Black. Can be powder coated to colour of your choice at an additional cost.

Styles available are:

  • Flat (with or without sides)
  • Bullnose (with or without sides)
  • Pitched (with our without front panel)
  • Half dome
  • Full dome

Carbolite skin colours available are:

  • Clear
  • Bronze
  • Grey
  • Solar Metallic
  • Solar Ice

Designs available for Carbolite Awnings

Flat Window Awning

The most common form is the flat awning. Simply attach the weather bar fixing channel and the awning clips into place. The system allows a waterproof channel to be siliconed at the wall to prevent any water from leaking down the back.

These awnings look great on contemporary buildings. They can be used to protect windows and doors.

Bullnose Awning

The bullnose compliments most traditional Australian houses. The bullnose comes in a set 380mm radii, with both looks and head height restrictions to be taken into account. All sheets are heat formed and curved at CARBOLITE ensuring quality control. The awnings are easily installed on site.

Gutters can be attached to the bullnose. They can be powder coated to most colours.

Barrel Vault Awning

The Barrel Vault or domed awning is the architects choice. All sheets are cold formed on site to the radius specified. The aluminium H Bars which interlocks the sheet are curved to the designated radius.

For larger jobs, curved steel understructure is necessary for supporting the sheeting. Gutters are placed on both sides and connected to existing drainage outlets.

The front and rear openings can be in filled with polycarbonate or other decorative options.

Half Domed Awning

The 1/2 round is traditionally a fabric style awning to suit cafes and outdoor entertaining areas. Curved to a 1400mm radius, the half-round can be installed on site at any angle. Sides can be infilled or left open.

The frames can be powder coated in most colours.

Flat Patio Awning

Flat patio covers are very popular as they have the clean straight lines of today’s modern architecture.

Aluminium rhs box section is used throughout the frame for a neat rust free structure. The size of the box sections depends on the span of the patio cover.

The frames can be powder coated in most colours.

Bullnose Patio Awning

Bullnose Patio Covers give a traditional look and compliment traditional-style houses. The polycarbonate sheet is heat formed in the factory and curved to the radius.

The joining bars for the sheets are also curved to fit the bullnose sheets

All frames for our systems are engineered designed and approved to meet the most stringent standards. They comply with AS wind load standards.