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How External Blinds Can Add Value To Your Home

Did you know that installing outdoor blinds or external awnings can help reflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat and prevent UV radiation from entering your home?

May 23, 2014

Did you know that installing outdoor blinds or external awnings can help reflect up to 80% of sun’s heat and prevent UV radiation from entering your home? You will not only stay cooler during those hot summer months, but also save money on your cooling costs and protect your valuable furniture and furnishings from UV damage.

Blinds are by no means new outdoor- area-treatment options, but the range of choices is ever-expanding. These versatile home accessories provide one of the most attractive and effective solutions for managing outside light and maintaining privacy. Working parts align to direct, block or allow natural light into outdoor living spaces, such as veranda, patio, outdoor kitchen or entertainment area, deck and other areas, and beautify your home at the same time.
Made from a wide range of premium materials including PVC, fabric, aluminium, or wood, outdoor blinds are available in many sizes to suit any outdoor space in your home. With a sunscreen blind, you can enjoy a fabulous, filtered view of your outdoors, while cutting out much of the sun’s UV radiation and heat. With a translucent blind or awning, you can protect your home furnishings from UV sun rays and enjoy greater privacy.

Blackout or opaque outdoor blinds provide the highest energy efficiency, sound absorption and light filtering capabilities of any treatment for outdoor spaces, and also brings style and sophistication to your home. A venetian blind offers a more versatile option when it comes to controlling light, airflow and heat compared to solid designs. Nonetheless, all these blind types and styles are a perfect solution in those applications where installing a fixed cover just won’t do.

Common Types of Outdoor Blinds

This high-performance exterior blind comes in an innovative, sleek design that offers a dramatic look that will enhance your contemporary decor whilst providing an extremely solution to reducing temperature in your outdoor areas by blocking the sun’s rays. It combines modern technology with practical features.
The screening fabric ensures there are no annoying gaps for the harmful UV radiation, and the blind itself rolls neatly away, helping maintain a clean, slim-line look for your property when not needed; but always there to block out light and heat when needed! You could also choose an opaque fabric for a total blackout and maximum insulation from heat gain and loss.

Vertiscreens are available in a wide range of fabrics, and can be operated manually via gear control and crank handle or may be installed to deliver a fully-automatic motorised operation. Motorised blinds with sun and wind sensors respond to the weather in an effortless and dependable manner, making it easier for you to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Add value to your property and usability to those outdoor areas that tend to get too much sun. With fully automated motorised blinds, you can enjoy instant shade at the touch of a button! These retractable blinds are not only beautiful, but they will also help reduce your cooling costs, especially in the hot summer months.

System 3000
System 3000 blind provides both sun protection and privacy whilst adding a stylish, contemporary outdoor finish to your home. This simple yet stylish blind comes in a wide range of materials, colours and patterns; and is an excellent solution for outdoor areas where space is at a premium, such as veranda, open gallery or porch as it’s designed to maximise the use of your outdoor living spaces throughout the year.
With its smooth gearbox operation, System 3000 eliminates the messy ropes and pulleys that typically come with regular veranda blinds. It is also offers a perfect solution if you want to keep your walls or decorative posts from tracking. With a touch of a button or wand, you can set the mood by regulating just the right amount of light into your room and also enjoy total control over your level of privacy.

Straight Drop Verandah Blind
How External Blinds Can Add Value To Your Home-Ozsun Shade Systems – Sydney Awnings & Blinds and PatiosThe straight drop verandah blind lets you use your veranda or patio when the weather is not what you expected. Picture this: you’re just sitting down to a sumptuous barbecue dinner at your patio, and the fickle Australian weather changes – a few drops of rain and then the wind starts to pick up speed. With this simple tradition blind, which is retracted by rope and pulley, you don’t have to shift the whole setup. Simply lower the blind and keep the bad weather at bay, while still enjoying the views, the freshness of outdoors and of course your delicious meal! Like other blinds, straight drop verandah blinds are available in a wide range of materials and colour palettes for you to choose, depending on suitability and durability.

Clear PVC Straight Verandah Blind
Protect your loved ones against cold winds and rain and maximise your outdoor living spaces all year round by installing clear PVC straight verandah blinds onto your verandahs and patios. This blind type gives you adequate protection from wind and rain whilst still allowing you to enjoy the view, natural light and excellent insulation. It makes a stylish addition to any outdoor alfresco dining area, and you can entertain your friends and family all year round without worrying about rain or cold.

External Venetian Blinds
External venetian blinds combine versatility and functional practicality, while remaining simple and elegant. Make a style statement with natural, good looking, warm and practical wooden venetian blinds that bring the beauty and warmth of natural wood, or aluminium or synthetic slatted venetian blinds that resemble the real thing – with the added bonus of durability and affordability. Choices are endless when it comes to venetian blinds, and you can always find one that perfectly complements your decor.

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