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Commercial Awnings Are Great For Business

Commercial awnings for hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, can transform your outdoor area into an inviting, attractive space where your customers can relax

February 28, 2015

Sydney Awnings CoverIf you operate a restaurant or cafe, you already know the importance of standing out against the competition. Commercial awnings for hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, can transform your outdoor area into an inviting, attractive space where your customers can relax and be wined and dined, giving them a very enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back to your restaurant, hotel or cafe.

These shade structures come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to complement any cafe or restaurant decor and exterior. They can also be custom-made to suit your specific individual requirements and budget.

How Adding a Commercial Awning Can Enhance Your Restaurant or Cafe

Commercial awnings are attractive and can add considerable value to your establishment. And, therefore, adding a well designed awning is a great investment that can lead to substantial returns. By installing a well-crafted awning, you can make the most of your outdoors all year round, add visual impact to your site, and significantly enhance your brand.

There is no doubt that having a spacious outdoor area is a big plus for any restaurant or cafe – we all love to relax outside and enjoy a cool breeze when the weather is nice. But Australian weather can change drastically over a week or even a day, and can see all weather conditions throughout the year. Although there’s always the chance of perfect weather, you cannot just rely on perfect weather to provide your customers with an enjoyable experience that will encourage them to keep coming back.

Adding an Awning Can Easily Increase Restaurant Revenue

Installing a highly functional commercial awning over your outdoor area will enable you to operate your establishment’s alfresco dining area regardless of the weather. So come rain or sun sine, with a good awning you can provide additional seating, make your customers happy, and boost your cafe or restaurant revenue.

Research has shown that an outdoor eating area can add as much as 30% in revenues to a hospitality establishment, so it’s important that you consider utilizing all weather commercial awnings to provide outdoor seating that can be used all year round. The increased revenue will allow you to recoup the investment within a few months.

A good awning will not only provide your customers with shelter from the wind, sun glare, UV rays, rain and storms, but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere to relax under. The unpredictable Australian weather means that rain or other elements can shut down your outdoor eating area at any moment, on any day given day, and cut into your restaurant or cafe’s profits in no time.

Likewise, too much sun glare and heat could make your outdoor seating to become too uncomfortable for patrons, driving existing and prospective customers away in search of a shady outdoor entertainment spot. In the meantime, a full and vibrant outdoor eating area stands as a clear testimony to the popularity of a restaurant, hotel or cafe.

To ensure your cafe or restaurant’s outdoor serving areas produce revenue and attract customers, you should seriously consider installing a commercial awning, particularly a retractable shade structure. Retractable commercial awnings keep alfresco dining areas up and running rain or shine, keeping the wet away and customers cool on harsh summer days.

A commercial awning also gives patrons a heartier, friendlier welcome, just like entering a beautiful garden room. In fact, it lends itself perfectly to twining plants and hanging pots like those found in garden rooms. This shade structure looks and feels cool even when it’s hot, and can enhance the appearance of any setting.

Commercial awnings are the perfect addition to any type of restaurant or cafe, in any location – at the beach, in the city center or somewhere in between. You can put an awning out front to dress up your sidewalk cafe. You can add one onto a mid-rise terrace or outside your rooftop restaurant; on an interior courtyard or on the back deck. The possibilities are endless!

Commercial awnings are entirely customizable, so you can design just the right size whether your place is a small cafe with just a few tables or a roaring, popular restaurant with lots of Sydney Awnings Coveroutdoor dining space and a robust clientele. This will give you the opportunity to broaden your customer reach, encourage patrons to stay longer in your premises, and keep customers coming back.

Commercial Awnings Help Restaurants and Cafes Improve Brand Awareness

Aside from enhancing the look and mood of cafes and restaurants, commercial awnings offer great promotional and branding opportunities. These awnings can be supplied with the businesses logo and colour scheme printed into the fabric for branding purposes. With a stylish awning that features your logo and brand colors, you can stand out from the competition and attract the attention of passing trade. This will turn your restaurant or cafe into a customer magnet, and take your business to next level.